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Polish Returns 2020. COVID-19 edition

Funds for returning scientists to conduct world-class research and innovation work in Poland

The call for proposals in the “Polish Returns 2020. COVID-19 Edition” program is addressed to institutions planning to employ scientists whose research may be relevant for broadening knowledge and solving significant problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, in particular representatives of broadly understood health and biomedical sciences.

The aim of the Polish Returns program is to enable outstanding Polish scientists to return to the country and take up employment in Polish universities or research institutes. The program creates optimal conditions for returning scientists to conduct world-class research and innovation work in Poland. The funds obtained under Polish Returns provide remuneration for the returning scientist, and also enable the creation of a project group (research team). Thanks to the program national universities and research institutes would acquire cooperation specialists with international experience and knowledge of the latest research trends in their scientific discipline.

The program funds activities related to the return of Polish scientists to the country and the creation of their own project group:

  1. remuneration of the returning researcher,
  2. remuneration of members of the project group,
  3. costs of resettlement of the returning scientist and persons staying with him/her in a shared household,
  4. optional – adaptation and organization of the workplace and preparation of research facilities for the returning scientist and members of the project group,
  5. optional – research costs in the field of basic research (research component) financed by the National Science Center.

Contact person:

Joanna Rutkowska, PhD
+ 48 22 390-35-83


Source: NAWA / Narodowa Agencja Wymiany Akademickiej

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