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ColorArt. International Festival of Fine Art 🗺

GOLENIÓW / Competition for children and teenagers

The Goleniów Cultural Centre (Poland) would like to invite you to participate in the XXXII International Festival of Fine Arts COLOR ART under the honorary patronage of the Polish Committee for UNESCO. „My Place – My space“ is the topic of this year’s edition of the art competition for children and youth (6-17 years of age). Works can be sent by January 31, 2023. Accepted are applications from individuals, educational institutions, cultural institutions and schools.

The winners of the competition, together with their supervisors, will be invited to participate in a several-day seaside art workshop, as part of the grand finale of the Color Art Festival. They will also receive catalogs and diplomas.

The festival is an annual event held since 1990. It is a continuation of the International Festival of Children’s Art, under the patronage of the Polish UNESCO Committee. Its goal is the widest possible promotion of all forms of artistic creativity practiced by young artists, and creating opportunities for artistic expression on a given topic.

Oorganizer of the competition: Goleniowski Dom Kultury (Goleniów Cultural Centre), ul. Słowackiego 1, 72-100 Goleniów, phone +48 91 418 26 88, colorart@gdk.goleniow.pl

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