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Indian kitchen, Polish food, episode 1

Namaste and dzień dobry!
Welcome to our new, amazing Polish cuisine webinar!
The Polish Institute in New Delhi and Discover Genix invite you to an online 10 episodes project called “Polish Dishes in an Indian Kitchen” . Our chefs, Dominika form Poland and Pulkit from India, will tell you all about Polish food and they will teach you how to prepare the most popular, tasty and traditional Polish dishes in an Indian Kitchen, using the local products, from the local markets. Please, feel free to share our posts!
In this Video you will learn to cook Potato Pancakes (Placki Ziemniaczane) in an easy way.

If you prepare placki ziemniaczane by yourself at home, please send us a photo of your dish with your opinion how it tasts for you (newdelhi.ip.sekretariat@msz.gov.pl ). To everyone, who shares with us their expierience with cooking in a Polish way, the Polish Institute in New Delhi will send a gift!


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