10.10.2022 - 18.10.2022 Events, Film

The Festival of Short Animation Films by the Łódź Film School  

The Festival of Short Animation Films by the Łódź Film School (Poland) in collaboration with The Polish Institute New Delhi and The India Habitat Centre was held on October 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th, 2022 at India Habitat Centre’s Stein Auditorium.  

The animated films showed were etudes created by students of the Animated Film and Special Effects professionals, which has been operating at the Film School in Łódź for over thirty years. The presented etudes were made in a variety of techniques, ranging from paintings or cut-outs to puppet films or made in 3D technology over the course of almost twenty years. The presented films were made by students of various ages, ranging from first-year projects to graduation films. Many etudes have been shown and awarded at animation festivals in Poland and around the world. The films were made under the artistic supervision of the University’s lecturers. The presented film panorama shows a wide range of the students’ creativity, their artistic visions, an individual view of the world around them and an insight into themselves. The variety of the issues discussed, the interesting use of metaphor, a clear attitude to the issues raised, a very interesting artistic side, playing with matter – all this is present in the films shown. The curator of the festival was Prof. Aleksandra Chrapowicka (Łódź Film School) 

Some screenshots of the movies presented at the festivals are below:

Stefan And The Beetle, 2012, Directed by Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc
Guilt, 2018, Directed by Marcjanna Urbańska
Casting, 2011, Directed by Kacper Zamarło
You Are Overreacting, 2018 Directed by Karina Paciorkowska
Tango of Longing, 2018, Directed by Marta Szymańska

A Documentary Film, 2015, Directed by Marcin Podolec

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