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Experiments with Imagination by Instytut B61 at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2022-23

Experiments with Imagination, housed at Mohamed Ali Warehouse in Kochi from April 6 to April 10, 2023, was a showcase of the art and science practice and methodology undertaken by Instytut B61.

The exhibition was presented in collaboration with the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2022-23, under the collateral program and supported by Polish Institute New Delhi.
The exhibition, set up with curator Aleksandra Bednarz and researcher Aishwarya Kumar, showcased a range of programmes and installations from the Evolution of Stars immersive performance – Neutron Star by Stefan Kornacki, White Dwarf by Dagmara Pochyła, Main Sequence Star, Red Giant and Black Hole by Jan Świerkowski, to other collaborative projects – Kowalski in Space by fashion designers Rad Duet, video art project Ewolucja Gwiazd by Bartos Brothers, video games Copernican Principle by Tomasz Wlazlak, performance by Walkband, an Indian Multi-genre band based out of Kerala, and a VR experience Stellar Entanglement by Webby Awards winners Kissinger Twins.

Another vertical of the exhibition included the installation titled Entangled wheels of time and space conceptualised and designed by Ananthan Suresh, from April 2nd to April 8th at the TNQ KBF Pavilion at Cabral Yard, Fort Kochi. The installation was an exploration of how our worlds have been shaped by technological advancements and how these innovations are entangled in cultural identities and practices.
The public programmes, as part of the exhibition included a public talk titled Trucks, Spacesuits, and Identity on 5th April 2023. On April 7, Cabral Yard was the venue for a keynote by Jan Świerkowski on the Art and Science of the Invisible World.
Instytut B61 is an international anti-disciplinary collective created by Polish artist, curator, and researcher Jan Świerowski. For nearly 15 years, Instytut B61 has been investigating contemporary theories in astrophysics and exploring artistic expressions to foster the convergence of art, imagination, and science. As a result, its practice deviates from cultural, sociological, or political matters, as it leans towards fundamental philosophical inquiries about the metaphysics of reality, thereby transcending anthropocentric perspectives.

Świerkowski, curator of the exhibition said: ”Experiments with Imagination is created based on methodologies of cognitive culture studies, translation studies, and semiotics, including different theories regarding cognitive metaphors and conceptual blends. Special attention is given to the mental, material, and social conditions involved in the processes of scientific knowledge production. The result is a comprehensive art and science exhibition that not only focuses on the artworks, but also provides a relevant cultural and philosophical context while considering the influence of the intersection between art and astrophysics on contemporary culture”.

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