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WantedDesign May 16-21 2019

Young Polish Design Generation at WantedDesign 2019 for 100 years of Polish -American Diplomatic Relations

Design School Brooklyn Exhibition- The Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź CONSCIOUS DESIGN

May 18-21

Industry City, Brooklyn | 274 36t h Street

Design School Workshop 2019 led by Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw


May 21, 11:00am

Conversation Lounge at WantedDesign Manhattan in Chelsea

Led by the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw faculty members

Tomek Rygalik and Jerzy Porębski



Design Schools Workshop 2019 – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw


Final presentation: May 21, 11:00am

The Design Schools Workshop is a collaborative workshop where teams are organized by grouping students from the different schools from around the world. This year, there is ten schools participating, represented by four or five students, from Aalto University (Finland), Appalachian University (USA), Art Center (USA), Centro (Mexico), Ecole Boulle (France), Escuela de Comunicación Monica Herrerra (El Salvador), Pratt Institute (USA), Strate School of Design (France), Tongji University (China), Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Poland).

All teams are supervised by faculty members of the leading school, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Tomek Rygalik and Jerzy Porębski, as well as WantedDesign team members and guest mentors. The main “class room/studio” will be hosted in one of the creative spaces at Industry City (IC) in Brooklyn from May 16 to 20. The final public presentation will take place Tuesday May 21, 11:00 am at the Conversation Lounge at WantedDesign Manhattan in Chelsea.

Jury Committee includes Allan Chochinov, Chair, SVA|NYC MFA Products of Design & Core77 co founder Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, VP Design at Lixil, and designer Todd Bracher.

The concept of the title “Open Form for Well Being” is based on the theory of the Open Form which was created in the late 1950s by a Polish architect, designer, artist and educator, Oskar Hansen, and was the first to oppose the modernist orthodoxy of the Athenian Charter and the followers of Le Corbusier. According to the theory of the Open Form, a designer does not create a closed work of art, but builds a context for possible interpretations. Hansen developed it in projects of various scale: from exhibition designs, temporary pavilions and housing estates, to the Linear Continuous System, a project of decentralized cities running across Poland and intended for the whole of the European continent.  The title of the workshop points to interdependence of two elements, the method which is the “open form theory” and the goal we want to achieve – “well-being” in the public space.

Design School Brooklyn Exhibition – The Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź


May 18-21

Conscious Design exhibit at Industry City in Brooklyn showcases next generation innovative solutions to products design and materials use that inspires awareness of the environment through the eyes of the students of Design School Exhitbion Strzemiński Academy of Łódź, Poland. The six featured design products are a result of team collaborations between students under supervision of faculty members and exhibit curators, Karol Janiak and Dominika Drezner-Ilczuk.

The Strzemiński Academy of Łódź projects raise awareness about the ecological, cultural and social conditions of the world, and feature design as a tool of environmental protection as well as social change. Among six featured proposals, there is community conscious small architecture project, created by Zuzanna Janecka and Gabriela Zapała “ConnectORnot”, which aims to address local community needs. Designed by Agata Domżał and Weronica Walenciak “Coat for the homeless” blends the language of media and advertisement with the social concern, while a card game, “Basura” by authors Agata Bugalska and Katarzyna Michnowska, educates about the waste consciousness through interactive fun group activity. An air pollution mask of the future, “Unmei” by Olga Jęchorek, offers a new way of filtering contamination of smog from the every environment.  Collage series “Point of View” by Karolina Kołodziejczyk and Valerii Rud also addresses environmental pollution as well as accumulation of waste in oceans and wildlife, while “Wish for a Fish” installation by Maria Jędryszek and Marek Kuźmiński draws attention to the consumer responsibility in general use of water.  

Participation of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in Design Schools Workshop 2019 is possible thanks to the support of Industry City, Polish Cultural Institute New York, Visual Magnetics, XL Airways, and Omar Muniz studio. Presented with Core77.

Participation of The Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź in Design School Brooklyn Exhibition 2019 is co-organized and supported by the Polish Cultural Institute New York.

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