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The 40th Anniversary of SOLIDARITY

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Solidarity/SOLIDARNOŚĆ (1980-2020). Founded in 1980 as a trade union in the Gdansk Shipyard, Solidarity became a leading political force in the defeat of the Communist regime in Poland. Eventually the Polish government was forced to negotiate with the Solidarity-led opposition, resulting in the elections on June 4, 1989. This marked a crucial stage in the history of Poland and the democratic transition of Central and Eastern Europe.

To celebrate the Solidarity’s 40th anniversary and the signing of the Gdansk August Agreements – the milestone of contemporary Polish history, the herald of the future downfall of the Communist system and the Iron Curtain; we have prepared two special events:

On August 31st at 7:30PM on the facade of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, a light illumination with the Solidarity logo will be displayed. This singular occurrence will visually honor the 40th anniversary of the “Gdańsk August Agreements” and the history of The Independent Self Governing Trade Unions – SOLIDARITY. 

Solidarity Illumination on view on August 31, 2020, 7:30PM-6:00AM

On August 25th through August 31st, we will launch an online exhibition of posters from Contemporary Posters gallery on our social media platforms. In a series of postings, we will introduce the Polish School of Posters’ artists and the history of SOLIDARNOŚĆ. Follow us for more updates on our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Contemporary Posters gallery 
Contemporary Posters, a New York gallery,  was formed more than 25 years ago to introduce, establish and offer in the U.S., original limited-edition contemporary/vintage graphic design art posters. Today, the gallery deals exclusively in the highly-acclaimed Communist-era (1945-89) posters by the artists of the world-famous Polish School of Posters; featuring CYRK poster art – as well as film, jazz, Jewish, political, theater & all aspects of the government controlled cultural media. Recognized as the best in contemporary/vintage posters with a genius comparable to France’s La Belle Epoque of the 1890s, the art of Polish School of Posters can be found in museums and collections throughout the world.

1) Solidarity/SOLIDARNOŚĆ (1980) by Jerzy Janiszewski;
this logo became the symbol of Solidarity and Poland’s value of freedom.

2) Man of Iron (1981) by Rafał Olbiński; the film won the Palme d’Or and was nominated for the Oscar.

3) Anna Walentynowicz, Mother of Polish Independence by Agata Nowicka for TIME magazine ‘100 Women of the Year’ (2020).

4) 2+2 must always equal four (1989) by Henryk Tomaszewski; an anti-Communist message referencing authoritarian regimes’ attempts to convince the populace that 2+2 can equal five.

5) SOLIDARNOSC/ Solidarity (1989) by Tomasz Sarnecki; the visual rallying cry of the election in which a publicity still of Gary Cooper from the film ‘High Noon’ was transformed into a powerful campaign poster.

6) Solidarnosc. Vote June 4! So Tomorrow They’ll Be Proud of Us (1989) by Anonymous; a poster recognizing the importance of freedom to future generations.

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