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ECO Solidarity | circula.org @ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan CLOSEUP

Trade Show

Weds-Thurs October 28-29

Circula presentation: Thursday October 29, @ 4:45 pm

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Polish Cultural Institute New York is proud to present Circula and ECO Solidarity during WantedDesign virtual Trade Show. Circula presentation will take place on Thursday October 29 at time slot from 4:45 – 5:00pm.

Eco-Solidarity is a multidisciplinary project that addresses the urgency for a more human-centered art, design, architecture, public wellbeing and health, and their social implications in public spaces, centered around the public furniture and a sculpture “Circula” by a designer Tomek Rygalik, founder of circula.org.

Circula is a solution designed to reduce social isolation and strengthen societal bonds, which in the following months can effectively support recovering from the social distancing. The concept based on ideas of sustainability and circular economy advocates for ecological approach in future design solutions. Circula provides a symbolic, functional, space for dialogue to encourage and facilitate direct social interactions. Once implemented, it supports urban infrastructure and belongs to the community.

Circula is made of two special objects/ circular in shape, one made of synthetic material, 100% recycled plastic, and the other made of naturally renewable resource – wood. The production methods focus on achieving a perfect closed circular form with the use of disparate materials and technologies. In dialectical conversation, the objects navigate the area of a sculpture and public furniture and generate space to reflect on the best use of eco-technologies comparing and contrasting the centuries old wood processing and recycling of plastics including the currently unrecyclable plastics coming from overproduction.

Circula is a project with a strong ideological stand, designed to develop as a movement for the betterment of society and interpersonal education. It is a solution created to impact humanity directly through tools of design. The intention of the project is to develop in various, even unpredictable directions to reach the largest possible group of people in order to support the need for togetherness and cooperation. We are excited and ready to be able to launch it as a product in the US.

Eco-Solidarity developed as a result of a collaboration between designer Tomek Rygalik founder of circula.org, and the long-term partner Polish Cultural Institute NY. Facing times of social distancing caused by environmental and humanitarian crises, Eco-Solidarity brings various disciplines and industries from around the world into round-table discussions, in a mission to offer strategies that reintegrate displaced social bonds, and foster community discourse around these issues through the medium of innovative contemporary design and art. 

Tomek Rygalik represents and promotes a sensible, holistic approach towards design. The work is focused on sustainability, responsible consumption of material goods and the resources of our planet. Tomek Rygalik develops a wide variety of comprehensive projects. The focus is on furniture, products and spaces. The scope is wide – from design, development and implementation of new products, through interior design of public and commercial spaces, to site-specific installations, design & build and production of limited editions, as well as objects, dining experiences and workshops. He remains on the fringe of distinctly commercial activities, while engaging in cultural practices and building its experimental identity.

Initiated by the Polish Cultural Institute New York and organized in partnership with WantedDesign, and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair ICFF.

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