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Slawomir Grünberg – a Man with a Camera

To honor the International Holocaust Remembrance Day we offer you a free PDF version of the book Slawomir Grünberg – a Man with a Camera. To receive your free PDF copy email: klaudia.draber@instytutpolski.pl. To purchase a signed hard copy visit this website.

The book “Slawomir Grünberg – a Man with a Camera” by Barbara Grünberg is a collection of thematic sequences, which describe the process of searching for his own identity, childhood memories, youth, education and family life. Slawomir talks about his mentors and bring to life memories from his travel with a camera while working on many documentaries. All of this is enriched by the statements of his family and friends and is illustrated by many photographs.

This is a book in which Sławomir Grünberg honestly and openly speaks about many aspects of his life, including, for example, the KGB battles he experienced during the filming in Russia. He reveals, which films and why were not completed and evokes those that positively changed the course of events or the lives of many people.

Photo: Jerzy Maciej Koba.

Slawomir Grünberg is an Emmy Award Winning documentary producer, director, cameraman, and editor born in Lublin, Poland. He is a graduate of the Polish Film School in Lodz, where he studied cinematography and directing. He emigrated from Poland to the US in 1981, and has since directed and produced over 45 documentaries. His independent works focus on critical social, environmental and political issues and have won him international recognition. Slawomir’s films were awarded Golden Cine Award, received many Grand Prix, Best Documentary and Audience Awards.

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Lead image: Book cover. Graphic Design Izabela Jurczyk, Robert Bobryk Studio Design in Lodz.

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