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Polish gaming companies storm Game Fusion in Beijing

Polish companies at GFusion game expo taking place on May 11-12 in Beijing

The annual Game Fusion game expo organized by G-CORES is an excellent opportunity for game developers to meet Chinese gamers and show them their products. This year’s event took place on May 11 and 12 in Beijing, and was attended by representatives of 6 Polish gaming companies (including 11 bit studios, Techland, T-Bull, MGP Studios, Monster Couch and Bold Pixel) invited by the Indie Games Poland Foundation.


The Polish booth was organized by the Indie Games Poland Foundation in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Polish Institute in Beijing and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, presenting a total of 11 Polish games. The audience could find games fit for every taste, getting to choose from titles such as “Moonlighter”, “Tetsumo Party”, “Back to 1998” or “Top speed 2”, just to name a few.


The Polish booth wasn’t the Chinese gamers’ only occasion to meet with Polish games though, as Maciej Łączny from Techland stormed the main scene of the event with news about the upcoming “Dying Light 2”, presenting the game’s first official Chinese trailer, raising even bigger an interest among the crowd.


Over 18 thousand gamers visited the fair during two days, including representatives of the Chinese gaming industry, media, as well as regular video game fans. Chinese players were eager to try Polish games, queuing around the Polish booth. Polish game developers, on the other hand, were eager to share their experiences and future plans both with Chinese journalists and enthusiastic players. Thanks to the volunteers’ help, Polish representatives could also gather the audiences’ opinions about their games.


It was not only a valuable opportunity for Polish game companies to promote their products in China, but also an exceptional occasion to learn more about the Chinese gaming market and acquire international contacts for future cooperation.

【Image / Polish Institute in Beijing】


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