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Discover 🇵🇱’s tasty #cuisine and regional specialties!

The Polish national cuisine is an outcome of a centuries-long evolution with Poland’s complex history, border shifts and a relatively rigid climate all having an important role in creating the unique Polish blend of Slavic tastes and foreign influences.

The land is productive and many crops, such as barley and buckwheat, are home-grown and included in the local diet, whereas abundant forests have served as a pantry full of berries, herbs, wild mushrooms and honey, which make regular appearances on the Polish table.

Traditional Polish cuisine is renowned for its distinctive soups, stuffed dumplings, hunter’s stew, as well as fish and game-based dishes.

The country has a total of 43 EU-protected regional specialties. The list includes several varieties of cheese and sausage, pastries, honeys and specially grown beans, apples and strawberries.





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