22.02.2019 Events, Music, News

Klezmer Rzeszów Band soon in New Delhi

The Polish Institute New Delhi is excited to present a concert on Klezmer music by the Rzeszow Klezmer Band, a renowned music group from Poland, in the Capital on 22nd February 2019 at the Little Theatre Group Auditorium, at 7 pm. Rzeszow Klezmer Band is one of the best-known bands in Poland, and across Europe, playing Klezmer music (which contains traditional Jewish music). Klezmer music genre is an interesting mix of songs, instrumental music and melodious dance tunes that are popular across Poland and Eastern and Central Europe.

About the band

Rzeszow Klezmer Band was formed In November 2004 in Rzeszów, Poland, due to the exhibition dedicated to Bruno Schulz (a famous a Polish Jewish writer), which took place at city art gallery at that time. No one thought then, that a coincidence and the passion of young artists would become the starting point of a great adventure with Klezmer music. Initially, the band had humble beginning, giving local concerts in Rzeszow. The band members’ musical talent, however, gained them popularity within a year, and since then there has been no looking back.  The band has performed more than 300 concerts not only in Poland, but also across Lithuania, Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Greece and Macedonia, among other European countries. They are performing in India, for the first time.


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