23.12.2020 Polish Children of India

Valivade Polish Camp in Archival Photos

The Polish Refugee Estate Valivade was the largest camp for Polish refugees in India. During its existence, 1942-1948, about 6,000 Poles, mainly women and children, found refuge there. It was here, after years of hunger and disease, during their stay in Siberia, that Poles could finally feel safe. The Hindus surrounded them with care and friendship. The estate consisted of multi-person stone barracks. In front of each house there was a garden where vegetables were grown and small animals were bred. The children were finally able to go to school. They also actively participated in the life of the scouting movement. Local residents often went on trips to the nearby city of Kolhapur.  

Photos from home archives of Danuta Pniewska and Ludmiła Jakutowicz:

Scheduled Polish Children of India