6.12.2022 Events

Review of Tadeusz Kantor’s work presented during the Theater Festival in Wuzhen

As part of the program of this year’s Theater Festival in Wu Zhen, the Chinese audience had the opportunity to get to know one of the greatest theater artist. On December 3 took place a number of events dedicated to Tadeusz Kantor, including screenings of two plays, “Wielopole, Wielkopole” and “The Dead Class”, considered to be one of the artist’s most outstanding and best-known plays, and a documentary film about Kantor. A discussion was also organized with the participation of experts on Tadeusz Kantor and his work – his life, interpretation of works, analysis of the influence he had on European theatre.

This project was accompanied by an exhibition of photographs dedicated to T. Kantor.

Tadeusz Kantor is recognized around the world as an outstanding personality of the 20th century theater, the creator of his own theater group and unique plays.

Photos: Wuzhen Theater Festival

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