Poland offers several types of scholarships for foreign students and researchers. 

Among the available programs you will find: Erasmus +, scholarships within the framework of bilateral agreements, Central European University Exchange CEEPUS program, Visegrad Scholarship Program, scholarships for students from Eastern Partnership and Post-Soviet countries, scholarships for citizens of developing countries, Fulbright Program, Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program, UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship Programme in Engineering, Polish National Commission for UNESCO Scholarship Program.

More information about these scholarships can be found on the GO-POLAND portal: http://www.go-poland.pl/.

Jagiellonian University. Collegium Novum in Kraków. © CC

Projects for scientists and university students include the following: 

“Poland my first choice” programme — offers an opportunity to pursue full-time second-cycle studies at public and private HEIs on all fields of study offered by institutions offering education at the highest level.

More information on the programme and the full list of partner countries: https://www.nawa.gov.pl/studenci/studenci-zagraniczni/program-poland-my-first-choice.

“Polish Returns” – The programme is aimed at encouraging the return of Polish scientists who will strengthen the research potential of our centers by creating conditions enabling them to start working in Polish universities or scientific units.

More information: https://nawa.gov.pl/naukowcy/polskie-powroty.

The objective of The Ulam Programme is to help foreign researchers to develop their careers by intensifying international mobility and to allow them to establish scientific cooperation with excellent host institutions in Poland. 

More information: https://nawa.gov.pl/naukowcy/program-im-ulama.

The General Anders Scholarship Programme for the Polish Diaspora – The aim of the programme, which implements the goals of the “Government programme of cooperation with the Polish Diaspora and Poles living abroad” is to improve the command of Polish and the level of qualifications in Polish communities by creating opportunities for young people to pursue their studies at Polish HEIs on a scholarship basis.

More information: https://nawa.gov.pl/en/nawa/news/the-general-anders-scholarship-programme-for-the-polish-diaspora-extending-to-the-first-and-second-cycle-studies-degree-programme-and-the-long-cycle-master-s-degree-programme

The Stefan Banach Scholarship Programme aims to support the socio-economic growth of developing countries by improving the knowledge and education of the citizens of Eastern Partnership, Central Asian, and Western Balkan countries. It is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), implemented as part of the Polish development assistance programme.

More information: https://www.nawa.gov.pl/studenci/studenci-zagraniczni/program-stypendialny-im-stefana-banacha.

The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship – jointly initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NAWA within the framework of Polish development aid, like the Stefan Banach scholarship program, supports the social and economic development of developing countries (excluding European and Central Asian countries). Priority is given to candidates from the following countries: Angola, Ethiopia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Colombia, Lebanon, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam.

More information: https://www.nawa.gov.pl/studenci/studenci-zagraniczni/program-stypendialny-im-ignacego-lukasiewicza.

For more information on NAWA’s programs: https://www.nawa.gov.pl/programy-nawa/programy-nawa-alias/trwajace.

Warsaw Polytechnic School. © Marek and Ewa Wojciechowscy
Scholarships under bilateral agreements 

Cooperation agreements have been developed with the following countries: Armenia, Belgium (Wallonia), Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Israel, Japan, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Korea, Macedonia, Mongolia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Ukraine, Hungary, Vietnam, Italy. 

In the framework of the program, stays from 3 days to 12 months can be made in a given academic year. More information about the cooperation programme can be found here: https://www.nawa.gov.pl/studenci/studenci-zagraniczni/program-wymiany-osobowej-studentow-i-naukowcow-w-ramach-wspolpracy-bilateralnej-oferta-przyjazdowa.

Read more about the projects dedicated to the institutions: Foreign Promotion; PROM Programme; International Academic Partnerships; Welcome to Poland; STER – Doctoral Scholarships for Foreigners; KATAMARAN – Preparation and Implementation of Second Degree Higher Education Studies: https://www.nawa.gov.pl/instytucje.