15.10.2015 - 24.10.2015 Theatre

Jour d’été (Summer day), by Sławomir Mrożek

“The worst thing is wanting everything and getting nothing”, says Déveinard, a noose around his neck, as he prepares to end it all. “The worst thing is when you don’t want anything anymore because you already have everything”, retorts, pistol in hand, Eveinard, who succeeds at everything he does. The scene is a seaside resort on a summer’s day, which provides the backdrop for an encounter and the beginning of a succession of incongruous situations, irrestistibly satirical in nature, absurd and yet so funny. Sławomir MROŻEK delighted in reminding us in this play, written in 1983, of his taste for far-fetched situations which have the absurd flavour of reality, but not without adding a few gloriously cynical touches on the woes of a society which is forced to succeed.  

The 56th edition of the Festival de Théâtre de Spa will be held in the spa town from 7 until 16 August. This year, it will be putting on the play Jour d’Eté by Sławomir MROŻEK in a production by Alan BOURGEOIS and a translation by Jean-Yves ERHEL. Presented as a reading at the Eurotopiques festival in May 2014, the play will come to life at the Festival de Spa. Be one of the first to see it!
With Rachid BENBOUCHTA (Déveinard), Isabelle RENZETTI (a Lady) and Fabrice RODRIGUEZ (Eveinard).

You can see the show in Brussels at the Théâtre de la Vie from 15 until 24 October (you can meet the cast on Friday 16 October!)

The poster was designed by great Polish grafic artist Wiesław ROSOCHA

>>> Centre Culturel de Spa – Salon gris (rue Servais 8, 4900 Spa) – see the map 
>>> 7 > 8 August 2015 – 18:30 (length 1h15)
>>> 24 | 15 (students under 26 year) | 7 
+++ On the website of the festival 

>>> Théâtre de la Vie (rue Traversière 45, 1210 Bruxelles) – see the map 
>>> 15 > 24 October 2015 – 20:00 
>>> 12 | 8 (students, 60+, profesionals, …) | €6 (School groups) | 5 (people living in Saint-Josse) | 4 (Conservatories) | 1,25 € (Article 27)

A production by Alternative Culture, Théâtre de la Vie and Festival Royal de Théâtre de Spa
With the support of the Polish Institute in Brussels and Casalgrande Padana

Sławomir MROŻEK (born Poland, 1930, died France, 2013) is a major writer in Europe. He started his career as a caricaturist aged 20, working for the newspaper  Dziennik Polski, reacting to the demands of the communist ideology of the time. 1964 saw his reputation begin to travel far beyond Polish borders when his play ‘Tango’ was published. Since then, his translated texts have been performed all across the world. 

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