10.03.2016 - 12.03.2016 Arts, Music

And you must suffer/St John Passion

The Passions by Johann Sebastian BACH continue to fascinate Western audiences which is why the KLARAFESTIVAL, which this year is focusing on the themes of religion and spirituality, as well as their role – positive or negative – in society, decided to showcase this new musical theatre production. Producer Pierre AUDI intersperses the singers’ performances with images from the Via Crucis by Belgian plastic artist Wim DELVOYE. Belgian Baroque orchestra B’Rock will be accompanied by the NFM Wrocław Philharmonic Choir conducted by Agnieszka FRANKÓW-ŻELAZNY, Music Curator for Wrocław 2016.

Johann Sebastian Bach, St John Passion, BWV 245
Samir Odeh-Tamimi, New composition (commissioned by Klarafestival)
Annelies Van Parys, New composition (commissioned by Muziektheater Transparant)

 – orchestra
NFM Wrocław Philharmonic Choir 
Andreas SPERING – music direction 
Pierre Audi – mise-en-espace
Wim Delvoye – images
Roel Vanberckelaer – set design
Mirjam Devriendt – video
Peter Quasters – lighting
Bart Van Reyn & Agnieszka Franków-Zelazny – chorus direction
Jakop Pilgram – Evangeliste
Dominik Köninger – Christ
Grace Davidson – soprano 
Benno Schachtner – alto
Magnus Staveland – tenor
Tomáš Král – bass 

>>> Kaaitheater (Square Sainctelette 20, 1000 Brussels) – see map  
>>> 10 > 12 March 2016 – 20:30 (broadcast live on Radio Klara
>>> 25 | 35 
Online box office 

+++ find this concert on the Kaaitheater’s website and on the Klarafestival’s website  

The project will be presented in Wrocław in September 2016 as part of the festival Wratislavia Cantans.

KlarafestivalKaaitheaterLa MonnaieFestival de WallonieMuziektheater TransparantBaroque Orchestra B’Rock and NFM Choir coproduction, with the support of the Polish Institute in Brussels.


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