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POP & SHOP #3: EUNIC European Fashion and Design Market

Discover the latest trends from the worlds of fashion and design winging their way towards us from all over Europe at POP AND SHOPEUNIC Brussels and M.A.D. Brussels have brought together more than 40 talented fashion designers who will be showcasing their creations from 21 until 23 October 2016. The platform will shine a spotlight on a wide range of clothing, accessories, jewellery, handbags and much more besides. 
For the third time, the Polish Institute has invited Polish artists to attend. This year, the following artists will be in attendance:

>>> DeMarkten (Vieux Marché aux Grains, 1000 Brussels) – see map
>>> Friday 21 October – 15:00 > 23:00 (vernissage at 20:00)
>>> Saturday 22 October – 11:00 > 20:00
>>> Sunday 23 October – 11:00 > 18:00

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Pop & Shop is organised by EUNIC Brussels, the network of European Union cultural institutes in the Belgian capital. The following institutes are involved in the event: the permanent representation of Estonia to the European Union, the Czech Centre, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Balassi Institute – Cultural Service of the Hungarian Embassy in Brussels, the Latvian embassy and the Dutch language institute DeBuren.

ENDE is a brand of pottery which is a household name the world over. This Wroclaw-based workshop, founded by Natalia GRUSZECKA and Jakub KWARCIŃSKI, who are glassmakers and pottery designers, produces tumblers, coffee cups and small, high-quality porcelain statuettes. Some of their works are painted using gold or pure platinum, whilst some are made from black porcelain alone. We have invited ENDE to be part of Design September 2014 (see here).
+++ www.endesign.pl   

You can also discover ten other talented Polish ceramicists and glassmakers at the Triennial for Ceramics and Glass taking place at the Anciens Abattoirs, Mons, from 15 October 2016 until 15 January 2017. More details HERE.

COOLAWOOLA is a brand created by Lena MAJEWSKA when she was working on new projects and noticed that issues of recycling and responsible design were becoming increasingly important to her. A ‘coolawoola’ thus became a method of design. A coolawoola is a soft, warm jacket in which one can wrap oneself up and it is made from wool which has been recycled, sewn and combined with an inventive style of design.
+++ coolawoola.com/
+++ www.facebook.com/Coolawoola/

PAK.IN is a Polish brand which specialises in rucksacks and fabrics. Each piece is made personally by the designers, who take painstaking care over the quality and detail of their products. The materials and accessories are selected to make every rucksack resistant, comfortable and, above all, practical and useful for the customer – something which the designers hold dear.
+++ http://www.pak-in.pl/

Brunoszka proposes “unique clothes for unique people”. Brunoszka loves minimalism, earth colors and perfect details.
+++ http://brunoszka.pl/

HAYKA Design Store
Gosia and Marcin Dziembaj are couple forming a creative collective. They search for inspiration in everyday, ordinary situations and problems. Their designs have gained recognition in Poland and abroad.
The HAYKA bedlinen is a design that had its premiere during Wroclove Design Festival 2013 as a finalist of the contest “Design Open Space”.
So far the hay and straw prints on the Hayka bedlinen have surprised with realism and delighted with naturalness. Field insects have been hiding among printed ears and blades of cut grass, and obviously mice have been capering around. Now thanks to the use of the technology of augmented reality, the realism of the Hayka bedlinen acquires a completely new meaning. Thanks to a special application using the technology of augmented reality, we can see how a mouse printed on the bedlinen becomes alive.
+++ www.dizeno.pl
+++ www.facebook.com/dizeno.creative


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