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Art comics Exhibition by Format

Polish illustration, which has enjoyed a long and celebrated tradition in the world, is being honoured at the librairie Ptyx in Brussels. Over four months, the exhibition will present the works of prize-winning and well-known Polish authors and graphic artists, in partnership with  the publisher Format.

Created in Wroclaw in 2006, the publishing house Format has been publishing books for young people in French since 2015. The illustrations presented by Iwona ChmielewskaAnna Czerwińska-RydelMarta IgnerskaMałgorzata Gurowska and Monika Hanulak are targeted at both children and adults. 

>>> Ptyx bookshop (Rue Lesbroussart 39, 1050 Brussels) – see map 
>>> 2 October 2017 > 31 January 2018 
>>> Free 

+++ More on this event on the website of the Ptyx Bookshop 
+++ Format Publishing House’s webpage and Facebook page

Iwona Chmielewska
Books by illustrator and author Iwona Chmielewska have been awarded many prizes and been published in France, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Mexico. Born in 1960, Iwona Chmielewska is a graduate in Fine Art from the Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, where she now teaches creative writing. She has been awarded the Bologna Ragazzi prize, a prize for books for young people open to writers from all over the world, for her novel Eyes.

Anna Czerwińska-Rydel
Anna Czerwińska-Rydel is a musician, pedagogue and the author of books for young people. She studied Composition and Music Theory and lives in Gdańsk. Her work has been awarded a number of prizes, notably the Bologna Ragazzi Award in 2012. She is a member of the Polish Writers Association and the Polish section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). Her book Ciepło-zimno. Zagadka Fahrenheita (Cold or hot. The mystery of Fahrenheit) has been adapted into a play for children, staged by Michał Derlatki in 2013 at the Miniatura City Theatre in Gdansk.

Marta Ignerska
Née en 1978, Marta Ignerska a obtenu de nombrBorn in 1978, Marta Ignerska has received many prizes and features on the list of the 11 best Polish press illustrators (the list was compiled by the magazine ‘Press’). A graduate of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, she illustrates books for children and adults as well as drawing for major Polish newspapers. A winner for five years in a row of the prize ‘Book of the Year’ in Poland, her projects don’t stop at illustrating books. Rather, they also encompass various aids and fields of creativity, such as posters, exhibition catalogues or animated films.

Małgorzata Gurowska
A graduate of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Małgorzata Gurowska now works there as an assistant in the drawing workshop. She has received several distinctions and prizes, including the Polish prize for book of the year in 2007. Her portfolio is brimming with all kinds of graphic projects carried out for foundations, galleries, theatres and museums. Since 2004, she has been part of the informal art group CMYK, which is devoted to the art of books, along with Grażyna Lange and Monika Hanulak.

Monika Hanulak
Born in 1973, Monika Hanulak is also a graduate of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where she teaches in the illustration workshop. Along with Grażyna Lange and Małgorzata Gurowsk, she is part of the group CMYK, which is devoted to the art of books. Three books which she has illustrated have been published in French: Boucle d’or et les 2 oursPampilio and C’était un crocodile. Petite histoire de l’évolution.

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