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The International Poster Competition

The International Poster Competition on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Polish Olympic Committee is open now!

The Polish Olympic Committee, the Association of Functional Art Creators and The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw have just announced the launching of the entry submissions to the International Poster Competition. The event is organised as part of the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Polish Olympic Committee and refers to the rich traditions of Polish sport poster.                                      

Poster, which is one of the most popular advertising and information forms, has nowadays become an inseparable part of the socio-cultural public space. Today it is rarely associated with such outstanding authors as Tadeusz Gronowski, Henryk Tomaszewski or Karol Śliwka. It is more common one might recognise the characteristic stroke of style of the Polish School of Posters that has long been present on the international stage of printmarking.

Sport, mainly striving for Olympic glory as the highest form of humanistic perfection has become significant and widely addressed subject, creating the tradition of sport poster in the course of time.  On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary, the Polish Olympic Committee decided to remind about these contemporary relationships between sport and art, which are also included in the so-called Olympic thought.

Inviting to cooperation the most significant institutions representing the society of Polish graphic designers, such as the Association of Functional Art Creators and The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw – the creators of the International Poster Biennale, one must suppose it will be the most important artistic event at the confluence of sport and art. The International Poster Competition can be declared open!

The idea of the competition is to evoke the figure of an Olympian as a hero of collective imagination and humanistic values of Olympic sport, such as: striving for perfection, respect, fair play, solidarity, communality, maintaining human dignity, mutual understanding, peaceful competition, joy of physical activity. On the occasion of the centenary of the Polish Olympic Committee it is worth popularising these values in the public awareness and striving for preservation of the cultural heritage of the Olympic Games.

The deadline for applications is August 10th 2019.

All details and regulations are available at the organisers’ websites:


Polish Olympic Committee: www.olimpijski.pl
STGU: www.stgu.pl
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw: www.asp.waw.pl 

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