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Workshop with Joanna Concejo at Le Wolf

On September 4-6, 2019, Polish illustrator Joanna Concejo will run a writing and illustration workshop at Le Wolf – La Maison de la Littérature de Jeunesse. 

About Joanna Concejo
Joanna Concejo
 was born in 1971 in Slupsk in Poland. Graduated in 1998 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Since 1994 moved to Paris, France, where she lives and works. In the late eighties she began working as an illustrator and artist. Since 2000, Joanna’s work has been selected for and shown at international fairs and in group and solo exhibitions. Her work was also featured in many publications. Joanna’s drawings create a beautiful world. Her work is like a pebble thrown in the water: its splash reverberates in circles of emotion and thoughts that linger. How does she achieve this magic? There is an element of mystery, perhaps even to herself; it seems that when she makes art, she surrenders to her own creative powers; she creates art that invites us, the viewers, to enter a portal and get transported to her remarkable world. 

“Inspiration is not something I seek, it is more a state of availability in life, an openness to things that happen to me, to the encounters I have, to images, landscapes, to everything I can see, hear, touch … I am often surprised myself of what I can do. It is often very unconscious. – Joanna Concejo about her work

About “Le Wolf”
Le Wolf offers workshops for children with their school or with their families and friends, workshops for adults, exhibitions, but also audio stories to enjoy in our juke-box room, an unusual library to discover atypical books and gamesbook-signing and meet-and-greets with authors and illustrators …

Because we believe books are good for children, we take your little ones and young ones through the looking-glass and give them the taste for books that captivate, fascinate, elevate ans exhilarate, all books that we love.

But Le Wolf is also the Wolf Shop, where you can find your own perfect book, and the “Cantine du Chaperon” where you can enjoy “Tears Tea” (Thanks Hulul!), “Pebbles Soup” or “Grandma’s Belgian Cookies”, among other delicious treats. The perfect place for yummy family moments, for Sunday brunch with friends and their kids, and for the celebration of all the wonders a good book (and good food) has to offer.

>>> When: Wednesday September 4, 2019 – Friday September 6, 2019
>>> Where: Le Wolf, 18/20 rue de la Violette, 1000 Bruxelles – map
>>> Target group: adults
>>> Price: 150 EUR for 3 full workshop days
>>> To enroll, please call 02/512.12.30 or mail info@lewolf.be (Be fast – almost sold out!)
>>> More information here
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