3.09.2021 - 5.09.2021 History, Music

European Days of Jewish Culture 2021

Created in 1996, the European Days of Jewish Culture aim to highlight the cultural and historical heritage of the Jewish people and to work towards strengthening communication and dialogue between cultures. The activities initiated within this framework are coordinated by the AEPJ (European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture) with which the Polish Institute of Brussels is in partnership this year within the framework of the inauguration of the commemorative plaque of the first synagogue of Luxembourg.

This partnership also involves the Festival of Jewish Culture in Krakow (Festiwal Kultury Żydowskiej), a reknown event dedicated entirely to Jewish culture and an unmissable event in Polish cultural life, by allowing on the one hand the participants of the inauguration in Luxembourg to discover some of the culinary attractions of Ashkenazi culture and on the other hand by contributing to the elaboration of a “virtual” festival of Jewish culture. Indeed, from September 3 to 5, you will have the opportunity on our social networks to (re)discover some archives of the FKŻ among which it will be possible to find the following concerts and podcasts:

Podcast: Makom / Ziemia / Earth. How artists explore the Hebrew word Makom 

Speakers: Maya Kosover (IL), Liron Lavi Turkenich (IL), Michal Hidas (IL), Monika Drożyńska (PL), Roni Parnass (IL), Moderator: Itay Mautner (IL)

Podcast: Israel at 70: A Soundtrack. The Polish Presence in Israeli Music

by Edwin Seroussi

Podcast: How Poland changed my life

by Yossi Klein Halevi



Ola Bilińska Ensemble : The Name’s Bajgelman

A musical tribute to the two brothers of the Bajgelman family who influenced the musical landscape of pre-war Łódź. Ola Bilinska and her musicians have arranged their songs to embrace the 21st century.

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David Krakauer & Pan Ton Quartet

The talented clarinetist David Krakauer and the musicians of the Pan Ton quartet join together to perform a composition commissioned by the KFZ: “Dybbuk” by Wlad Marhulets.

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Jacaszek & Vox Varshe: Bramy Nieba

Bramy Nieba,”Gates of Heaven”, is a project inspired by the visuals of American abstractionist Frank Stella and pre-war photographs and drawings of wooden synagogues. “From the crumbs of a world that no longer exists came an innovative work, full of ethereal music, mystical emotions and sounds that span time.”

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