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Julia Fiedorczuk @Festival Transpoésie

Transpoésie – To be in the (k)now.  

To be in the (k)now – poetry as a means of social expression

Launched for the first time in 2011, Transpoésie aims to promote and raise awareness of linguistic diversity and to provide a platform for lively and direct exchanges between writers, publishers and cultural institutions by celebrating multilingualism through various activities involving poetry writers of all styles, generations and in as many national and regional languages of Europe as possible.

This year’s festival will feature Polish poet Julia Fiedorczuk, who will be present during one of the six main events of Transpoésie:

Societal issues’

Thursday 21 October at 7 pm

@Hungarian Cultural Centre  (Treurenberg 10, Bruxelles)

with Julia Fiedorczuk (Poland), Eka Kevanishvili (Georgia), Mari Falcsik (Hungary), Dagur Hjartarson (Iceland), Donatella Bisutti (Italy), João Luís Barreto Guimarães (Portugal) et Nandi Jola (Northern Ireland).

This year’s edition will run from September 23 to October 21. The Festival will engage poets and participants in exploring poetry in the contemporary and post-pandemic present, sharing writing from around the world in different of languages through hybrid events – online and face-to-face, – to share experiences with the widest possible audience. 

The Transpoesie Festival is organized by EUNIC Brussels, the local network of the European Union’s National Institutes of Culture, in collaboration with Belgian partners in various venues in the European capital, as well as online. The poets will share their work in their native languages, with translations in English, French and Dutch. 

This year’s program includes six main events, each with its own theme and in a different location. The complete program can be found here.


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Julia Fiedorczuk

Julia Fiedorczuk is a writer, poet, translator, researcher, and advocate of ecocriticism, with an emphasis on the creative power of literature. Her work focuses on the relationship between human beings and their environment and planet. She is affiliated with the Institute of English Studies at the University of Warsaw.

Among her numerous published works, we can find: „Poranek Marii” (“Maria’s Morning”), „Bliskie kraje” (“Close countries”), novels: „Biała Ofelia” (“White Ophelia”), „Nieważkość” (“Weightlessness”; nominated for the Nike Literary Award) and „Pod Słońcem” (“Under the Sun”) as well as six books of poetry. 

The last of these, “Psalmy” (“Psalms”) was awarded the Wisława Szymborska Prize, the most prestigious Polish award in this category. 

Her published essays include “Cyborg w ogrodzie. Wprowadzenie do ekokrytyki” („Cyborg in the garden. Introduction to ecocriticism”) and „Ecopoetics”. She is also a regular contributor to renowned Polish publications such as:  : „Literatura na świecie”, „Dwutygodnik”, „Tygodnik Powszechny”, „Pismo”, „Przekrój”„ Znak”, „Polityka”. 

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