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Ukrainian Comic Strip Exhibition at the La Fête de la BD Festival in Brussels

On the occasion of the Comic Strip Festival, we present an exhibition of Ukrainian comics authors


Ukrainian comics have been experiencing dynamic development for many years. The best-known Ukrainian artist is Igor Baranko, who creates for French publishers and Americans since the 1990s. Over the past ten years, many great artists, many of them women, have made their debut in Ukraine. They cover a wide variety of genres and themes, from band historical comics to science fiction and fantasy, including contemporary themes, especially the war and the Russian aggression against their country. The exhibition will present a sample of contemporary Ukrainian comic creators who work for publishers such as UA Comix, Vydavnytstvo, Vovkulaka, Lantsuta Publishing, Lyuta Sprava and The Will Production. Ukrainian comics are worth showing, not only for political and social reasons , but also because of their high artistic level.

Serhiy Chudakorov, Yulia Vus*, Ivan Kypibida, Beata Kurkul, Sergiy Chudakovor, Anna Tarnoviecka, Zhenia Oliynyk, Maryia Lantsuta, Sasha Komiahov, Oleksiy Chebykin, Igor Baranko, Oleksiy Opara, Oleksiy Bondarenko, Maksym Bohdanovskiy, Viktoria Panomarienko, Yevhen Tonchylov, Mykyta Gubskiy, Reikhan Aksu, Oleksandr Koreshkov, Maksym Udynskiy, Illia Bakuta, Andriy Dankovych, Andriy Dyakiv, Dartsya Zironka, Maksym Solntsev, Illia Bakuta, Maksym Udynskiy, Dana Vitkovska, Ihor Davidyenko

Emma Antoniuk, Zhanna Ozirina, Mykola Yabchenko, Artem Czech, Svetlana Taratorina, Marina Artiemienko, Maryia Lantsuta, Sasha Komiahov, Igor Baranko, Vyacheslav Buhaiov, Oleksiy Bondarenko, Denys Fadieiev, Oleksandr Fylypovich, Raman Onishchenko, Denys Skorbatyuk, Olha Voznyuk, Bohdan Solovian, Oleksandr Koreshkov, Maksym Udynskiy, Illia Bakuta, Andriy Dankovych, Illia Bakuta, Ihor Davidyenko

Paweł Timofiejuk* – political scientist by profession, editor and founder of the comic book publishing house Timof i Cisi wspólnicy (Timof Comics) until 2006. Since 2009 chairman of the Polish Comics Association. Main coordinator of the Polish Comics Festival in Warsaw, organizer of many comics exhibitions, meetings with authors, promoter of comics and translator of Russian and Ukrainian illustrated stories.

* Present at the Comic Strip Festival

Programme of proposed activities

– workshops, meetings, book signings –

Friday – 09/09
4-5 pm  Meeting with Piotr Machłajewski and the authors present at the Festival on “Contemporary Polish comics and the history of Polish comics in a few words” (Polish translated into French)

Saturday – 10/09
12-2pm  Book signing with Wojciech Stefaniec  

3-4pm  Meeting with Ukrainian artist Yulia Vus moderated by Paweł Timofiejuk (English)
4-5 pm  Workshop for children held by Yulia Vus “What is sketching” (English)
4-6pm  Book signing with Marzi

Sunday – 11/09
12-1pm  Book signing with Zavka
1-2pm  Book signing with Kasia Babis
2-4pm  Workshop for children held by Marzi “Create a character” (French)
4-5pm  Workshop for children held by Kasia Babis & Zavka “Create your own comic, step by step” (English)
4-6pm  Book signing with with Yulia Vus 

Registration for the workshops is mandatory, by e-mail : bruksela@instytutpolski.pl
or during the festival at the Polish stand, depending on the number of places available 

Friday 9 September from Midday to 6pm
Saturday 10 September from 10am to 6pm
Sunday 11 September from 10am to 6pm

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