27.03.2023 - 30.03.2023 Arts, News

Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts student exchange workshop at La Cambre

FEAR | La Peur


With the support of the Polish Institute, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in collaboration with the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre in Brussels is organizing a workshop for students following the Graphics and Typography track.

This creative few days’ exchange will be based on work in pairs and will focus is the question of fear.
Using the visual language specific to issues related to typography, students will explore the definition of fear – how does this emotion unite or divide young people? Is it specific to an era, a generation, or a geopolitical situation? Can we speak of the transmission of fear? And, above all, the question explored will be how to represent fear.

The workshops will be led by speakers from La Cambre de l’Atelier de Typographie (David Maurissen, Pierre Huyghebaert) and the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (Aleksandra Kot).

The final project will be presented by each Belgian-Polish duo in the form of a poster.
They will jointly produce bilateral zine posters in B2 format, folded in B5, including the typesetting fonts designed by them for the occasion. Each project will be printed on the two-color press.

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