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“The Hamlet Syndrome” at 15th Millenium International Documentary Film Festival

Every year since its creation in 2009, the Millenium International Documentary Film Festival has prioritized the discovery of new talent and the selection of films that contribute to the exploration of new paths in documentary cinema.
For its 15th edition, the Millenium International Documentary Film Festival will be held from March 26 to April 6, 2023.
Poland will be represented in the international competition with a documentary film “The Hamlet Syndrome” (2022) directed by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski.
The film will be screened on 04 April 2023 at the Cinema Galeries in Brussels in attendance of the director Elwira Niewiera.

86’ / 2022/ Poland, Germany
Language: Ukrainian, Russian
Subtitles: French, English

The Hamlet Syndrome depicts the young Ukrainian generation scarred by war and political breakthroughs. The film’s starting point is the preparation for a play based on the motifs of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which, combined with an intense glimpse into the lives of the characters, creates a powerful portrait of a generation having to confront their war trauma and tackle the painful past, which now after the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine becomes their present and future alike.

More info about the film: Millenium Film Festival


04/04/2023 | 8:20pm | Galeries
in the presence of the director, Elwira Niewiera

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