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“DW B” magazine focusing on literature from Ukraine

The newest issue of DW B magazine Contra spem spero. Tegen alle hoop in hoop ik. Literatuur uit Oekraïne, supported by the Polish Institute Brussels is devoted entirely to literature from Ukraine. This edition includes both prose and poetry that paint a wide and rich picture of the country with a complex political and linguistic history. It shows the urgent need for deep humanity which is essential to fight against war.

Expert on Eastern Europe Johan de Boose and Aleksey Yudin, Associate Professor at the Department of Slavic and East European Studies of the Ghent University, curated this issue with contributions from writers such as Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Boris Chersonski, Oksana Zabuzhko, Viktor Neborak, Aleksandr Kabanov, Serhi Zhadan, Andri Bondar, Halyna Kroek, Haska Shyyan, Kateryna Kalytko, Iryna Vikyrchak, Oksana Osmolovska, Ihor Astapenko, Oleksa Byk, Andri Bulbenko & Marta Kajdanovska.

“DW B” is the oldest literary magazine in Flanders that is still in print. It was first published as Dietsche Warande en Belfort in 1855. The aim of the magazine is to create a forum for Dutch speakers.

The Polish Institute Brussels supported the “DW B” magazine for the second time, the first time in 2020 for the issue on the contemporary Polish literature “WAT DE RATTENVANGER SPEELDE. Hedendaagse Poolse literatuur”.

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