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Meeting with Polish literature in Brussels: Michał Figura and Dionisios Sturis

Polish literature at the Wolf as part of the “Quinzaine de la Solidarité Internationale”

For one weekend, together with Jadwiga Jędryas from the Polish publishing house Dwie Siostry / Two Sisters and the Wolf – La Maison de la Littérature de Jeunesse, we’re putting Polish children’s literature in the spotlight.

The program includes workshops, a talk, book signings and a Polish-flavored aperitif with our guests Michał Figura, Dionisios Sturis and their publisher Jadwiga Jędryas.

The two authors will present their new books: a documentary comic strip “Wilki” / “Wolves. Investigating their Survival and Protection” about the lives of Michał Figura’s wolves, and a non-fiction book for young readers “Kalá, kalá. Grecja dla dociekliwych” / “Kalá, kalá. Greece for the curious” by Dionisios Sturis.

Jadwiga Jędryas will lead a talk on Polish children’s literature past and present, spiced up with incredible anecdotes about her work at the Dwie Siostry / Two sisters publishing house, which she co-founded.

Michał Figura

Natural scientist, PhD student at Warsaw University and co-founder of the Polish Nature Association “Wilk” (Wolf). He graduaded in political science with a specialization in security and crisis management at the University of Łódź (Poland). His thesis focused on crisis resolution between man and wolves. He is involved in wolf, lynx and bear monitoring, as well as nature education. Author of scientific articles and expert reviews in the fields of theology and ornithology, and co-author of the documentary comic strip “Wilki”, soon to be published in French in 2024 under the title: “Loups, Enquête sur leur survie et leur protection” by éditions Milan.




“Wilki” / “Wolves. Investigating their Survival and Protection”

Latest book of polish illustrators Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielińscy, is a graphic novel telling a story of everything they learned studying the lives of wolves with Michał Figura, from the “Wilk” Nature Association, which explores wolves, lynxes and bears, protects these animals and spread knowledge about them.
Michał will tell you about the structure of wolf groups, the size of wolf territories and why wolves make long journeys. He’ll comment on common myths about these animals and tell you how researchers gather information about them. He’ll also recount the true fate of Luna – a puppy wolf, caught on a mountain trail by tourists who thought it was a dog; the story of Jung freed from traps; or Miko and Kampinos, who were cured after being hit by a car and released into the woods… and many more.


Dionisios Sturis

Journalist, writer, podcaster. Born in Greece, raised in Poland. He has published in “Duży Format”, “Polityka”, “Pismo” and other magazines. Author of award-winning books of reportage, including: “Grecja. Gorzkie pomarańcze” / “Grèce. Bitter oranges”, “Nowe życie. Jak Polacy pomogli uchodźcom z Grecji” / “New life. How Poles helped refugees from Greece”, “Zachód słońca na Santorini” / Sunset on Santorini”, cookbooks, and a non-fiction book for young readers “Kalá, kalá. Grecja dla dociekliwych” / “Kalá, kalá. Greece for the curious”.






“Kalá, kalá. Grecja dla dociekliwych” / “Kalá, kalá. Greece for the curious”

Kalimera! Hello ! The tenth volume of “The World for the Curious!” will take you to Greece and show you its hidden face. Where does the word “alphabet” come from? Who were Bubulin and Melina? How do you undo the evil gaze? Why do Greek grandparents play with beads? Can the tears of the island be eaten? Greece is not only ancient history, mythology, philosophy and sunny vacations. Let yourself be invited to a journey different from all the others. With this book you will find in Greece pink beaches and deserted rocks, see ancient ruins and modern graffiti, climb the mountain of the gods, visit a school of sponge catchers, and a village where the ancient whistling language is still used. Greeks love music and dancing, have great cuisine and are very welcoming. You can not only have a wonderful rest at their place, but also learn a lot. Did you know that the inhabitants of one of the Greek islands have discovered the secret of long life? How does it work? Check it out for yourselves!


Jadwiga Jędryas  

Graduate of the Institute of Practical Linguistics at Warsaw University and KU Leuven. Translator from Dutch, English and French. In 2006, she co-founded Dwie Siostry / Two sisters, a Polish publishing house unlike any other. From the very beginning, she has been publishing books for children and young people, respecting graphic and literature traditions, harmoniously blended with innovation, while maintaining the quality of the best artistic standards of the past. She reminds readers of classic children’s literature titles and the achievements of Polish and international illustration masters of the 60s and 70s, at the same time discovering young talents and launching trendsetting book projects on the Polish market. Today, when Polish books and children’s illustration are experiencing a renaissance, she can be proud to be a part of its international successes.


– workshops, talk, autograph sessions, aperitif  –

Friday – 06/10

18:30 – Talk “Polish children’s literature then and now” with Michał Figura and Dionisios Sturis conducted by Jadwiga Jędryas | FR, PL, EN | Registration
20:00 – Polish-flavored aperitif with Michał Figura, Dionisios Sturis and Jadwiga Jędryas | Registration

Saturday – 07/10

10:30 – 11:30 – Dionisios Sturis : workshop and autograph session | Registration
11:30 – 12:30 – Michał Figura : workshop and autograph session | Registration

La Maison De La Littérature De Jeunesse Le Wolf
Rue de la Violette 20 à 1000 Bruxelles


As part of the « Quinzaine de la Solidarité Internationale »


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