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Filem’on 2023: Polish productions at the international film festival for young audience

Filem’On celebrates its 17th edition with a unique program designed for schools, families, and associations at top cultural venues in Brussels. The film festival offers a diverse selection of more than 130 short films, feature films, animations, and documentaries, catering to audiences aged from 2 to 16 years old. The festival includes Belgian, European, and international competition sections, with many films being screened in the presence of the director or one of the actors. Additionally, there are numerous engaging workshops and ciné-concerts specially organized for children and young people. This year’s theme is “ILLUSIONS,” which encompasses optical illusions, riddles, magic, and critical perspectives that challenge social illusions. Filem’On’s 17th edition is a journey where nothing is as it seems, and sharp eyes will embark on a captivating discovery!

This edition of the festival program includes two Polish productions – the film “Film for Aliens” and the short animated film “Sister.”

„Film for Aliens” (PL: „Film dla kosmitów”), directed by Piotr Stasiuk, 2022

Jeremy, 14, is a YouTuber. His father, a space agency employee, promises to show him the launch of a real rocket but calls it off at the last minute. Instead, he sends the boy to visit his grandfather in the countryside.



„Sister” (PL: „Siostra”) by Katarzyna K. Pieróg, 2023

Animation telling the story of two sisters traveling through the Land of Clouds in search of the Great Tree. In an expedition full of setbacks, sacrifices, joys and sorrows, they get closer to their goal and to themselves. A film about the dynamics of a sisters’ relationship, common problems and growing up together.

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The screenings of Polish films at the festival are supported by the Polish Institute Brussels.

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