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Light installation by Katarzyna Tretyn at Bright Festival

Katarzyna Tretyn represented the Polish contemporary art scene at the Bright Festival with a light installation “Astrolabium”, a unique work inspired by the outer space. It was located on the route of the Cinquantenaire park, inside the Pavillon Horta-Lambeaux, also known as the Temple of Human Passions, especially opened to the public on this occasion.

About Astrolabium installation
As early as the 8th century, astrolabe was used to determine location. It was used as a navigation tool in shipping by Arabian navigators. Looking at the sky was as tempting then as it is now, due to the desire to look deeper and further. Thanks to the insights gained, we are able to reach beyond symbolic borders, which, like the event horizon, separate the observer from the information. Again, we incline our heads to try to guess what lies beyond the horizon, in a black hole.

Katarzyna Tretyn – visual artist and academic teacher, she studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Copernicus University
in Toruń, Poland. In 2012, she defended her doctorate in the same field, then in 2020 she obtained a post-doctorate in conservation
of works of art. Since 2017, she has been working at the Technological University of Bydgoszcz, where she teaches classes
of painting and drawing.
Her creative research mainly revolves around experiments that she carries out in her studio. She sees the future of art in new technologies, which should however be inspired by tradition. Light is another important aspect of her work. By using new technological solutions, Tretyn illustrates a cosmic landscape, inspired by science and especially astronomy. Its results are artistic projects created at the intersection of science and art. Drawing on scientific inspiration, she constructs a metaphorical image of a man in her works.
She claims that by observing the world, we gain knowledge about ourselves.

Bright Festival 2024 , presented more than 30 light installations by international artists along three routes: in the Cinquantenaire park, the European and royal district, and the city center. On four evenings, the public discovered Brussels in a new light thanks to poetic, often interactive light installations, as well as additional programming for children and a day of B2B professional meetings for participating artists entitled “Bright Sessions”.

The 8th edition of the Bright Festival was integrated into the official cultural program of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, drew a record number of visitors. Nearly half a million people attended this amazing spectacle of lights. At the request of the organizers, partners and artists presented their own view of Europe and its values.

The event in the heart of the European capital was particularly special for Poland, due to the 20th anniversary of its EU accession celebrated this year.


It was a great pleasure for us to host Katarzyna Tretyn, who came to Brussels at our invitation. We are pleased that her work was so warmly received. Thank you!





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