Our key goal is to familiarise people in Belgium with the history, language and culture of Poland, as well as use Belgium as a platform on which to unveil the latest Polish intellectual and artistic news and events.

Our job is to encourage an exchange between Poland and Belgium in the fields of culture, education and human and exact science. We work towards making sure that Polish culture forms part of the Belgian landscape, and, in order to make this happen, we collaborate with Belgian institutions and NGOs as well as with festivals, not-for-profit organisations, etc.

Our wish is thus to take part in an international cultural dialogue and stimulate multilateral cultural cooperation and action.

The Cultural Service of the Polish Embassy in Belgium is supervised in its work by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. It is part of an international network of 21 Polish institutes which work on the same tasks.
The Cultural Service of the Polish Embassy in Belgium is also a member of Eunic in Brussels (European Union of National Institutes for Culture).



Polish Institute in Berlin: http://berlin.polnischekultur.de/
Polish Institute in Berlin – Leipzig subsidiary: http://leipzig.polnischekultur.de/
Polish Institute in Bratislava: www.polinst.sk
Cultural Service of the Polish Embassy in Belgium: www.polishculture.eu 
Polish Institute in Budapest: www.polinst.hu
Polish Institute in Bucarest: www.culturapoloneza.ro
Polish Institute in Düsseldorf: www.polnisches-institut.de
Polish Institute in Kiev: www.polinst.kiev.ua
Polish Cultural Institute in London: www.polishculture.org.uk
Polish Institute in Madrid: www.culturapolaca.es
Polish Institute in Minsk: www.instpol.by
Polish Institute in Moscow: www.kulturapolshi.ru
The Polish Cultural Institute in New York: www.polishculture-nyc.org
Polish Institute in Paris: www.institutpolonais.fr   
Polish Institute in Prague: www.polskyinstitut.cz
Polish Institute in Rome: www.istitutopolacco.it
Polish Institute in St-Petersburg: www.polinst.ru
Polish Institute in Sophia: http://institutpolski.org
Polish Institute in Stockholm: www.polskainstitutet.se
Polish Institute in Tel-Aviv: www.polishinstitute.org.il
Polish Institute in Vienna: www.polnisches-institut.at
Polish Institute in Vilnius: www.lenkukultura.lt