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National Independence Day: Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk’s wishes to the Poles living abroad and to the Polish community

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Poles,

11 November marks the 103rd anniversary of Poland regaining independence. It is a day proudly celebrated by Poles around the world.

Independence is the supreme value which past generations of Poles fought for. Today, it is something to be cherishedand constantly strengthened, because we know the price that was paid all too well.

How relevant the fight for independence and the protection of our borders continues to be is best seen on our eastern border, which is also the external border of the EuropeanUnion. We would like to extend our warm thanks to all soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces and Border Guard officers who defend it and convey expressions of solidarity with them from all over the world.

On this National Independence Day, may our daily work, wherever we live, help strengthen the position and glory of our Republic.

Let me encourage you to join in singing our national anthem, the Dąbrowski Mazurka, at noon on 11 November, wherever you may happen to be. May this beautiful gesture bring us all together.

The year 2021 is also exceptional because of the 18th Chopin Competition, which elevated Warsaw to the world capital of music as it celebrated the work of our brilliant compatriot. The restoration of Polish independence was dear to Chopin’s heart, as reflected in both his music and his deeds. Whenever he appeared before Europe’s most distinguished audiences Chopin always stressed that Poland must win back its independence. These performances raised funds to aid veterans of the November 1830 Uprising against Russian occupiers. I urge everyone to listen to this year’s prizewinners’ concert, which showcases the leading contestants’ fantastic musical skills and deep sensitivity in interpreting Chopin’s music.

Again, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to extend to you my most sincere wishes of joy and success on this Independence Day.


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