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Three Polish films with Oscar nominations

Ida by Paweł Pawlikowski has won the Oscar for best foreign film. Ida was competing with Timbuktu [France-Mauritania], Leviathan [Russia], Tangerines [Estonia] and Les nouveaux sauvages [Argentina]. The was also nominated in the category for Best picture, thanks to work by Łukasz Żal en Ryszard Lenczewski.
  • Alongside Ida, two Polish documentary shorts were also in the running for an Oscar: Joanna, a poignat film by Aneta KOPACZ (and the first Polish film produced by crowdsourcing), and the incredibly moving Nasza Klątwa (Our curse), Tomasz ŚLIWIŃSKI’s account of his son Leo’s rare disease, a report which we helped bring to Brussels as part of the Short Waves festival in 2014. Unfortunately, they did not manage to win an Oscar.
  • Other film news: Anna Biedrzycka-Sheppard was nominated in the category Best Costumes for her work on Maleficent, a film by Robert Stromberg.
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