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Eunic DocuMondays : the best European documentary films

EUNIC Brussels, the network of European national cultural institutes in Brussels, which includes the Polish Institute, organizes DOCUMONDAYS a cycle of documentary films that enables the Belgian public to discover the best European documentary films every second Monday.

In this context, the Polish Institute collaborated on the project with the screening of two films: HOLY FIELD HOLY WAR by Lech KOWALSKI and PAŁAC by Tomasz WOLSKI.

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>>> Cinema Aventure (Galerie du Centre Bloc II, rue des Fripiers 57, 1000 Brussels) – see map 
>>> screenings – every two Mondays
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The honour of opening DocuMondays fell to the film ‘HOLY FIELD HOLY WAR‘ by the famous documentary maker Lech KOWALSKI. After the screening, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and share its reaction to the film with the director himself.

Holy Field, Holy War
Small farmers around the world are under stress. Their struggle is far from the scrutiny of cameras and the media. In Poland, where more than sixty percent of the total area is taken up by farming, new forces are competing for the land. What is happening in Poland is a warning to take to heart.
This film has been awarded the Marseille Hope Prize, the Georges de Beauregard International Prize and the French Research Cinema Network Prize.

More about Kowalski’s life on his website

The second Polish film, 
Pałac, was screened on Monday 29 June
It is a report by Tomasz WOLSKI (Poland, 2012, 1h23). The film presents an image of Warsaw’s famous Palace of Culture and Science, the famous ‘present from Stalin’ made to a popular Poland which is still subject to debate today. We are presented with a neutral, efficient image of the palace in the socialist-realist style, an incredible organism scaling 230 metres (without counting the 43-metre-high antenna which hangs over it), with 3,288 rooms including a congress hall which can seat 3,000 people, a real little town built in fewer than three years by a regiment of 3,500 workers labouring 14 hours a day, which, in spite of public debates and squabbles amongst historians, has imposed itself as a symbol of the City, or even the entire country…

The projection took place in the presence of the director Tomasz WOLSKI and his producer.

EUNIC Brussels
EUNIC, an abbreviation of ‘European Union National Institutes for Culture’, is a network of National Institutes for Culture from the Member States of the European Union, which aims to contribute to cultural diversity inside and outside of the EU and to strengthen cultural dialogue and exchange. EUNIC Brussels is part of a network of over 90 EUNIC clusters present on all continents.

DocuMondays is an initiative organised by the cultural institutes from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. Together they represent their own culture as part of a broader European culture. Our partners for this project are Le P’tit Ciné and the festival for documentary films Filmer a Tout Prix.


26 January Poland “Holy Field Holy Land”, by Lech Kowalski (105 min, 2013)
2 February Romania “The Second Game”, by Corneliu Porumboiu (97 min, 2014)
23 February Slovenia “A girl and a Tree”, by Vlado Škafar (83 min, 2012)
9 March Letvia “Pelican in the Desert”, by Viesturs Kairiss (70 min, 2014)
23 March Bulgaria “Sofia’s Last Ambulance”, by Ilian Metev (75 min, 2012)
18 May Bulgaria “Tzvetanka”, by Youlian Tabakov (66 min, 2012)
1 June Hungary “Another Hungary”, by Dénes Nagy (51′, 2013)
8 June Estonia “The Gull Theorem”, by Joosep Matjus (37′ 44”, 2014)
29 June Poland “The Palace”, by Tomasz Wolski (83′, 2012)


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