17.10.2015 Music

Masala Soundsystem invited to Antitapas Night

Warsaw-based MASALA SOUNDSYSTEM is participating in Antitapas Night on 17 October (Opening Season 2015/16)!
The group has been around for 10 years now and is a genuine phenomenon on the world music/global underground scene. What makes it stand out is the way it mixes oriental instruments, modern electronic music and a vocal engagement to a cause. “Mixing” is the word: in India, masala is the word used to describe a mixture of spices. The group defines its style as Elektro-Ethno-(T)rap-Punk’n’Bass combining East & West.

Rafał „Praczas” Kołaciński
Bart Pałyga
Duże Pe
(+ guests !)

+++ https://www.facebook.com/masalasound

>>> rue des Quatre Vents 83, 1080 Bruxelles – see map
>>> Saturday 17 October 2015 – starting with 21:00
>>> 5€ before 22:30, 10 after

The ANTITAPAS NIGHTS, organised by the non-profitmaking association Palais des Sciences, are a series of events which bring together Brussels-based expats and locals and provide a perfect example of the infinite diversity of Brussels nightlife. It all started when Italians and Spaniards began hosting parties together and combined the words anti-pasti (Italian) with the Spanish tapas, coming up with the hybrid title. And here’s the motto underpinning it all: “El derecho de ser felices” (the right to be happy).
The events are always a feast for the senses: in addition to the various musicians and DJs from all kinds of backgrounds who each take their turn on stage, the audience will be able to enjoy cooking workshops, performances and free food and drink tasting which will be scattered around the indoor festival.

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