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Polish Trash – Art in the Box 2018 (4th edition)

POLISH TRASH is the fourth sequence in ART IN THE BOX.
On average, a Pole generates around 300 kg of waste per year. This waste can be found all over the place, for a reasonable, low, or even non-existent price. This is what some young Polish designers have cottoned on to. Reusing ‘forgotten objects’, even those which have been broken or are worn out, is a quicker and more cost-effective process than making new products. All that is left to the artists is to let their imaginations run riot.

This year, again as part of the Design September festival, ART IN THE BOX’s involvement will take the form of temporary exhibitions in the public space: the showcase-boxes will be placed on mobile platforms which can be moved across the city wherever the fancy takes you. 

The artists whose work will be presented are:

Roza aims to produce ecological, edible and 100% recyclable wrapping, which is intended to be used by farmers who want to protect their produce and put them on the market without causing waste. Incidentally, her Scoby is a form of packaging which grows like a vegetable 🙂

Marta has created a range of dishes for the finest restaurants.  They are all made from debris from the famous Polish pottery factory ‘Ćmielów’. From a fragment to a work of art, all that was needed was for Marta to step forward and demonstrate her passion for the project.

The collection which Małgorzata captioned Personal Belongings is made up of a selection of shapes and motifs which call to mind children’s toys. They are all sewn by hand using various pieces of used clothes.

Dominika ZIENTEK.
Dominika has created doubleMEtricGREY, a carpet whose main characteristics are its geometry, spatial division and pure form. The primary objectives of the project are the analysis and application of the technique of weaving.

The exhibition, which can be viewed for two weeks, will be preceded by a private viewing at the Maison de Łódź (Łódzkie House), the Brussels-based representation of the region of Lodz, one of the Polish regions which has undergone the most development.  

>>> Public space of Brussels
>>> 13 > 27 septembre 2018
>>> Free of charge 

+++ www.designseptember.be  

>>> Lodzkie House (Square Marie-Louise 2, 1000 Brussels) – see map 
>>> 13 September 2018 – 18:30 > 21:00 

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Partners: Łódzkie House, D44 Architecture, POT, Polish Institute of Brussels


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