6.10.2018 Music, Theatre

Unknown, I Live With You

Unknown, I Live With You was developed by The Airport Society, a collective of artistic nomads set up in Brussels, whose aim is to create new interactive social platforms in polycultural societies. It is an opera installation inspired by poems written by Afghan women: this powerful evocation of the living conditions experienced by women living under the Taliban in Afghanistan was inspired by their writing in a place where any written account or form of musical expression is considered a crime warranting the death penalty. Calling on forms of opera and art with a political and social conscience, singers, dancers, a string quartet and live electronic music merge to celebrate the courage of resistance and universal freedom. What this gives rise to is a universal message of peace and freedom produced by Krystian LADA who, in this work of art, creates a fusion between the dramatic power of opera and the impact of art which advocates for social issues, all via a format which is unusual and profound. Several Polish artists are taking part in this adventure.
Unknown, I Live With You was developed in partnership with Les Brigittines and will be housed in la Chapelle during the Nuit Blanche 2018 (night of 6 until 7 October). The Nuit Blanche is an artistic and popular event organised by the city of Brussels for people to get together, share new experiences and take in contemporary art and design, all in a warm and festive atmosphere, which lends itself beautifully to discoveries and surprises.

+++ Website of The Airport Society | website of the Brigittines | website of Nuit Blanche Brussels 2018

>>> Brigittines chapel (Petite rue des Brigittines, 1000 Brussels) – see the map
>>> Saturday 6 October 2018 – 20:00>2:00 (ongoing, entry every 30 min)
>>> free 

        stage team        
Freshta – writer
Fattemah – writer
Meena Z. – writer
Roya – writer
Krystian LADA – stage director & concept
Natalia Kitamikado – costumes & set designer
Maarten Warmerdam – lighting designer
Pim Dinghs – video designer & stage director’s assistant
Alison Dujardin – stage manages
Gala Moody – dancer

        music team        
Pedro Beriso – musical director 
Raehann Bryce-Davis – mezzo-soprano
Katarzyna GŁOWICKA – composition, electronic performance
Natania Hoffman – cello
Aleksandra KWIATKOWSKA – second violin 
Lucia Lucas – baritone
Tomasz Aleksandr PLUSA – first violin
Clara Sawada – viola
Małgorzata WALEWSKA – mezzo-soprano

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