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A new form of story about the Battle of Warsaw –Battle1920.gov.pl is now available!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a unique, narrative portal dedicated to the Battle of Warsaw whose 100th anniversary we celebrate this year. Portal created by @niepodlegla and @polskieradio.pl .

The website is prepared in the form of a modern multimedia encyclopedia. It tells not only about the Polish-Soviet War, but also shows the lives of Poles, important events, facts and figures.

In the year of the 100th anniversary of one of the 18 groundbreaking battles in the history of the world – the Battle of Warsaw and the victory in the Polish-Soviet War – @niepodlegla , @polskieradio.pl and @archiwum akt nowych actively join the celebrations commemorating these key events in the history of the Polish state.

After regaining independence in November 1918, Poland had to face the challenge of defending its sovereign existence and fighting for its borders. The greatest threat came from the east. The 1919-1920 Polish-Soviet War was not only meant to settle the issue of Poland’s eastern border, but also to decide whether the Bolshevik revolution would spread to Europe.

The decisive battle took place on 12-15 August 1920 in the foreground of Warsaw. After a series of bloody skirmishes, on August 16th the attack from over Wieprz forced the Red Army to retreat. On 12 October 1920 in Riga, the delegations of both countries signed a truce and started peace negotiations. The Battle of Warsaw was recognized by Edgar Vincent D’Abernon, head of the Franco-British mission that arrived in July 1920 in Warsaw, as one of the 18th landmark battles in world history.

Read more: https://bitwa1920.gov.pl/en/

Multimedia compendium of knowledge about the events of 1920 prepared by the Archive of New Files : http://www.1920.gov.pl/

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