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Glossary of Solidarity

The Glossary of Solidarity is an open-ended project that seeks to foster the reflection on what it means to be and to act together. 

For its launch, we have invited Adrian “Lipskee” Lipiński, a dancer, activist, and pioneer of street-culture in Poland to develop a series of video-performances. Adrian has been using dance and movement as a method of community engagement, working primarily with young people in Nowy Port, a harbor district of Gdańsk.

The work of Adrian “Lipskee” Lipiński combines the poetics of street dance with the memory of urban landscapes. For the Glossary of Solidarity, the artist performs in places that are symbolically charged and part of the history of Polish opposition movements of the 1980s. Through his dance he empowers the collective mobilization of ideas of ‘protest’, ‘hope’ and ‘freedom’, thus offering a non-verbal reading of the core values of a democratic society, expressed through local and individual stories.

With reference to the key events of 1980 in Poland, the films will be published on August 14th and 30th (“Protest”, “Hope”), and September 17th (“Freedom”).

Glossary of Solidarity: Protest, Hope, Freedom
Performed by Adrian “Lipskee” Lipiński
Sound Designer: Kamil “Polan” Polański
Camera and Editing: Artur Makowski
Produced by Polish Institute in Brussels
Partner: Pomorskie Regional EU Office
Special thanks to Imperial Shipyard in Gdansk, BHP Hall Museum, M3 Crane
On the occasion of 40 anniversary of the Solidarity movement

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