20.04.2021 History

100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the diplomatic relationships between Poland and Luxembourg

On April 18th 1921, exactly a hundred years ago, the Polish Count Władysław Sobański presented his credentials to the Grand Duchess Charlotte, becoming the first Ambassador of Poland in Luxembourg in History.

After a hundred years during which the World and Europe went through the Second World War, totalitarian regimes and the “Iron Curtain”, the diplomatic relationships between Poland and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg did not only continue but they even flourished. It is not only about a bilateral cooperation which brings closer these two countries, it is also about their activities on numerous international forums. We are part of our united Europe, we cooperate on a military level within NATO et we speak through one voice in the UN. 

“I am thrilled that after a hundred years of cooperation, our relationships are funded on a real partnership and friendship” wrote the Polish President Andrzej Duda in his letter to H.R.H. the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. “I hope we will continue to develop them efficiently in all fields, especially at a political, economic, as well as cultural level, and in personal relationships.” he added. 

At the occasion of this special anniversary, the Embassy of the Polish Republic in Luxembourg created, in collaboration with the association Polska.lu, a web page where Poles living in Luxembourg are introduced, as well as a short movie dedicated to historical and contemporary bonds between Poland and Luxembourg.

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