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Performance “Untitled (Holding Horizon)” by Alex Baczyński-Jenkins at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Kunstenfestivaldesarts is an international performing arts festival dedicated to contemporary theatredanceperformance, and visual arts. Every year, it takes place in Brussels for three weeks in May. During the festival, Alex Baczyński-Jenkins’ performance “Untitled (Holding Horizon)” will be presented 4 times in a Brussels gym that will soon be demolished. 

“Sound and movement are in constant negotiation and generate shifting associations. The soundscape merges different references to create a layered sonic experience that includes syncopated swarms of insects, birds, love songs, experimental electronica, dance music, and 70s avant-garde.”

Alex Baczyński-Jenkins is a Polish artist and choreographer born in 1987 in London. He presented his performances at events around the world, including at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019. His works are critically acclaimed – he has won Frieze Artist Award and Arts Foundation Award.

May 26, 20:00 / May 27, 20:00 / May 28, 18:00 / May 29, 20:00

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The performance is supported by the Polish Institute Brussels.

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