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Kortfilmfestival Leuven: screening of the film “Be somebody” by Michał Toczek

24 November to 2 December, Leuven will once again be the backdrop for Belgium’s biggest short film festival. From a record 3,240 entries from 93 different countries, the best films were selected for the Flemish and European competitions.

The competitions for short documentaries, animation films and live-action fiction are not only the core of the festival, but also provide filmmakers with several jury and audience awards. The audience thus helps decide who goes home with an award!

The festival is not just a melting pot for young film talent, but also a celebration of everything short film. You will see the short work of established names in Big Names, Short Films, ascend in the VR-screening ‘Floating with Spirits’; and in programmes like Labo, Animation Nations and Comedy Shorts, you’re really in for a whirlwind. There is also plenty to do for children (starting from the age of two). This year, there is a focus on Austria, in collaboration with the festival Vienna Shorts, and space and climate change are highlighted in two themed programmes.

During the festival, as part of the European Competition, a film by Polish director Michał Toczek “Be Somebody” (2023) will be presented.

“Wiktor is an electrician. When his wife turns their new apartment into a museum after finding out it used to belong to former electrician and Polish president Lech Wałęsa, Wiktor is confronted with Wałęsa’s legacy.”

Kortfilmfestival Leuven
November 24 – December 2, 2023

Screenings of “Be somebody” as a part of European Competition 2
November 26, 22:00 | Tickets 
November 30, 19:30 | Tickets *
*Attended by Michał Toczek (director) & Olga Przylipiak (costume designer)

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