17.11.2016 Program, Zene

Buslav (PL) 🗺

BUSH - Budapest Showcase Hub

2016. november 17. (csütörtök), 20.30
Kuplung, 1061 Budapest, Király u. 46.

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and song-writer. Following many years of international experience as a session musician (member of the Cheryl Pepsii Riley houseband at Village Underground in New York, among others) Buslav has decided to release his first solo album with Warner Music in Poland (October 2016). As content matured within, it became the impetus for the Buslav music project. His organically creative style is a result of a conscious, honest and personal approach to music. The simplicity of form leads directly to the essence of the broached content. The not too sweet, not overly loquacious compositions lead to a truth, which Buslav believes, defends itself and is the most important factor in creativity. He asks questions which are worth asking. His lyrics allude to various life situations, emotions, problems and joys which each one of us meet and are conveyed in Buslav’s unique way. Buslav is a project which engages the courage to go beyond personal limits. It’s a story of emotions, human interest and experience, encompassed in sound. in 2015 and 2016, Buslav performed at two Korean festivals in Seoul: Zandari Festa and Mu:Con and Exit Festival (Serbia). He also supported great artists in Poland: Bernhoft and Hiatus Kayote. He also was a participant of Songwriting Music Camp during Tallin Music Week this year’s edition. He is also in the line-up of upcoming events: Reeperbahn Festival (Germany). 

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