11.02.2023 Archiv, Programm

Records of Hands

BERLIN / 18:00 / Audioperformance by Aleksandra Chciuk and Kuba Krzewiński

The event accompanies the finissage of the exhibition „Antoni Starczewski. Idea of linear notation“.

In a performance dedicated to Starczewski’s work, Chciuk and Krzewinski explore the material of magnetic tape and its potential of linear notation in relation to the artist’s œuvre. The use of four analog tape recorders enables the disruption of time continuum, through the superimposition of several audio layers, performed and recorded live during the performance. The instruments are made up of grains of rice, leaves, and toothbrushes, which Starczewski treated as materials for his works. All of these elements are woven into a minimalist sound narrative, representing a temporal bridge and reinterpreting the lost recordings of audio-performances by Starczewski, who has been deceased since 2000.

Chciuk and Krzewiński focus their works on the connection of body and sound. Both in their solo and collaborative pieces they investivagate different corporealities in music: performer’s, instrument’s, audience’s body, and also the body of architectural space. Moreover they explore the fluidity of edges between a musician and their instrument, the intimacy and tension of the almost fetishlike relation.

Organizer: NADAN_Berlin in cooperation with Polish Institute Berlin

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NADAN_Berlin, Meraner Str. 7, 3.OG, 10825 Berlin


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