4.07.2015 Music

Górecki, Mykietyn, Zubel, Scheller & Mamczarski @ARSONIC (Mons)

Contemporary music is in great shape and this goes for Poland too, especially in Silesia. The concert Contemporary Sounds of Poland: sounds of European Capitals: Wroclaw 2016 will have no trouble proving this. It will provide the audience with a panorama of works penned by composers linked to the Katowice Conservatoire (Silesia), from the great Henryk Mikołaj GÓRECKI to representatives of the 1990’s generation.

The New Music Orchestra (Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej, OMN) conducted by Szymon BYWALEC, will be putting on a vast spectrum of pieces starting with classic Polish contemporary music (Kleines Requiem für eine Polka by H. M. Górecki) taking in along the way representatives of the 1970’s who have made their mark on the global musical landscape (Paweł MYKIETYNAgata ZUBELCezary DUCHNOWSKI and Jarosław MAMCZARSKI) before finishing with works by a very young composer (Przemysław SCHELLER).

The concert will be honored by the presence of Agata ZUBEL and Cezary DUCHNOWSKI – the first one performs the song ‘Not I’ and the second accompanies with electronic sounds – as well as Przemysław SCHELLER, who will play his own composition: Wyobrażony Krajobraz (Imaginary Landscape).

PROGRAMME (more information on the works below)
Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Kleines Requiem für eine Polka, op. 66
Pawel Mykietyn, 3 for 13
Agata Zubel, Not I (from a text by Samuel Beckett), played by the composer accompanied by Cezary Duchnowski
Przemysław Scheller, Wyobrażony krajobraz (Imaginary Landscape) for 9 musicians (Premiere!)
Jarosław Mamczarski, IV Microconcerto, performed by the soprano Karolina BRACHMAN

New Music Orchestra (Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej)
Szymon BYWALEC – conductor
Karolina BRACHMAN – soloist (IV Microconcerto)
Cezary DUCHNOWSKI – electronics (Not I)
Przemysław SCHELLER
Agata ZUBEL – soloiste (Not I)

>>> ARSONIC (Rue de Nimy 138, 7000 Mons) – see map
>>> 4 July 2015 – 20:00 

+++ http://www.musiquesnouvelles.com/

Find out more about the works:

  • Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Kleines Requiem für eine Polka for piano and 13 instruments, op. 66 (1993, 25 min).
    +++ More information HERE

  • Paweł Mykietyn, 3 for 13 (1994, 13 min)
    +++ More information HERE
    +++ http://culture.pl/en/artist/pawel-mykietyn

  • Agata Zubel, Not I for voice, group of instruments and electronic (2010, 21 min) based on a text by Samuel Beckett
    This work, with its very acute sounds, is derived from a monologue by Samuel Beckett made up of a series of unconnected sentences which tell the story of an old lady who experienced a traumatic event in her youth. It was the author’s wish that the text be recited in a darkened room with the only light emanating from a lamp focused on the mouth of the actress reciting the text. Agata Zubel has followed these instructions and made a film in which all we can see is the mouth reciting/singing fragments from the text. The work, played by 4 flutes, 2 clarinets, violins, a cello, a piano, percussion instruments and electro-acoustic sounds, includes a number of intense moments over the course of which an increasing number of sounds created by the composer form whispering choirs (the mouth then also appears several times on the screen) above which is the voice of the composer who reads the text on stage.
    This work was rewarded in the 60th International Forum of Composers of UNESCO Prague.
    +++ zubel.composer.pl/

  • Przemysław Scheller, Wyobrażony krajobraz (Imaginary Landscape) for 9 musicians
    Premiere of this piece!
    Pièce présentée en avant-première !
    In the words of the composer: “I’m imagining a world whose shadows are only lit up sporadically. The palette of colours is limited to a few shades of red… the echoes are weak and compressed. In time, we are able to make them out, understand where they are from. Clunking noises, beats, friction, and also words which sound as if they are being spoken from a distance, singing…. Heaviness works in a different way. The movements are slow, fluid, in a way, sublime. By calmly traversing this Imaginary Landscape, we are at one with it, we pick up various aspects, we appreciate new details. We look at the same things from a new vantage point, and each time things seem different. (The same mechanism will be employed in the harmonic development of the work). A happy world does not last forever. In spite of the fact that we have grown accustomed to it, the time comes when brutal reality makes its presence felt. The illusion of security shatters and all that remains of our dreams of the Imaginary Landscape is the landscape. At this very moment, our journey comes to an end and another one begins.”
    +++ More information HERE
    +++ www.scheller.com.pl

  • Jarosław Mamczarski, IV Microconcerto
    Soloist: Karolina Bachmann
    Microconcerto IV was composed in 2015 for the New Music Orchestra (Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej). The inspiration for this work comes from a futuristic poem “Electric Visions” by Polish Czyżewski Tytus. The piece is a concertante form of concentrated study in which the opposition between the voice and the group is linked to the contrast between the text and the music.

The OMN explores the field of contemporary art in the search of works whose echoes, resonating in the field of culture, are able to interest the listener. Whether ultra-innovative or hopelessly forgotten – the OMN prepares, presents and records them with great application.

The project Musique de création has been prepared by Jean-Paul DESSY as part of Mons’s year as European Capital of Culture 2015.

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