22.11.2017 Film

Short Film Festival POLISH WAVE is calling at Brussels

The Polish short film has its own festival in Brussels: for the fourth consecutive year POLISH WAVE (initially called Short Waves) will present a selection of films chosen in competition by the AdArte foundation, located in Poznań.
Following stops in Germany and Ireland, POLISH WAVE will call in Brussels with five short films from young directors screened at the Actor’s Studio cinema in Brussels on 22 November 2017.

All films are subtitled in English and French.

On the programme:

  • Presentation of the festival by Szymon STEMPLEWSKI, director the AdArte foundation
  • Screening of 5 short films

>>> Zaczyn (Leaven), by Artur HANAJ
>>> Otwarcie (The Opening), by Piotr ADAMSKI
>>> Figury niemożliwe i inne historie II (Impossible figures and other stories II), by Marta PAJEK
>>> Trzy rozmowy o życiu (Three Conversations on Life), by Julia STANISZEWSKA
>>> Zagraj ze mną (Play with Me), by Milena DUTKOWSKA

  • Rendezvous with Milena DUTKOWSKA
  • Degustation of a sernik (Polish cheesecake)!

>>> cinema Actor’s studio (Petite rue des Bouchers 16, 1000 Brussels) – see map
>>> 22 November 2017 – 19h30
>>> 7€

Zaczyn (Leaven)| Artur HANAJ / Animation / 2016 / 4,5 min
In order for the dough to rise well, first one needs to dilute the flour and yeast in milk, before keeping the resulting leaven warm. Nest, knead the mixture well, pour it into a mold and put it in the oven.

Otwarcie (The Opening) | Piotr ADAMSKI / Fiction / 2016 / 32 min
An artist suffering from terminal cancer plans his final performance in the form of a vernissage in a contemporary art gallery. Taken from hospital in a state of agony, he is exhibited in the gallery like an object.

Figury niemożliwe i inne historie II (Impossible figures and other stories II) | Marta PAJEK / Animation / 2016 / 15 min
The heroine of the second part of the triptych is a woman who, dashing around in the daily hustle and bustle, stumbles and falls. When she picks herself up, she discovers that the house in which she lives has unexpected characteristics: built on paradoxes, full of illusions and brim-full of motifs.

Trzy rozmowy o życiu (Three Conversations on Life) | Julia STANISZEWSKA / Documentary / 2016 / 24 min
A difficult discussion between a mother and her daughter. The mother is a doctor and a person of faith who is a practicing Catholic. The daughter is agnostic and her children were conceived via IVF. The mother is torn between her love for her daughter and her grandchildren and the dogmas of the church.

Zagraj ze mną (Play with Me) | Milena DUTKOWSKA / Fiction / 2016 / 20 min
Liza pays a visit to her cousin Pol, whom she has not seen for five years. Both of them revisit their childhood games. They seem invincible in their provocative challenges until they meet Robert.

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