4.10.2019 Literature

Jakub KORNHAUSER takes part in Transpoesie 2018

Jakub KORNHAUSER is one of eight authors invited to present their works at the ninth edition of the TRANSPOESIE festival. On 4 October, he will be reading his poems at the Muntpunt libraryin Brussels, accompanied by his poet colleagues Juanjo Olasagarre (Basque country), Vónbjørt Vang (Faeroe Islands), Madara Gruntmane (Latvia), Tom Nisse (Luxembourg), Ștefan Manasia (Romania), Stanka Hrastelj (Slovenia) and Kaan Murat Yanık (Turkey). Each poet will read his/her text in their original language whilst translations into French and Dutch are projected onto a screen.

+++ Read Kościół by Jakub Kornhauser in Polish, as well as in English (The Church), French (L’Église) and Dutch (De Kerk) on the site www.transpoesie.eu 

        1st Transpoesie poetry evening         
>>> BOZAR – salle/zaal Terarken (Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels) 
>>> Wednesday 26 September – 20h
>>> 6€ | 4€ (get your tickets online )
>>> The evening, which will take as its theme #metoo, will put women writers centre stage, with a musical interlude provided by the pianist Grażyna Bienkowska in collaboration singer Daan. 

        2nd Transpoesie poetry evening with Jakub Kornhauser         
>>> Muntpunt, Munt 6, 1000 Brussels 
>>> Thursday 4 October – 20h 
>>> free
>>> you can register HERE 

        3rd and last Transpoesie poetry evening         
>>> Balassi Institute – Cultural Service of the Hungarian Embassy in Brussels, Treurenberg 10, 1000 Brussels 
>>> Thursday 11 October – 20h 
>>> free entrance 

Transpoesie is a series of events, organized by EUNIC Brussels.

Jakub Kornhauser (1984) a Polish poet, essayist and translator. He works at the Jagiellonian University as a literature specialist and founded the Centre of Studies of the Avant-Garde there. He is the author and editor of more than a dozen works and the editor of several periodicals and editorial series. He translates avant-garde literature from French, Romanian and Serbian into Polish. In 2016, he was awarded the Wisława Szymborska prize for his collection Drożdżownia. He has recently published a collection of essays entitled Wolność krzepi (2018) as well as the monograph Awangarda. Strajki, zakłócenia, deformacje (2017). He lives in Krakow. 



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