17.03.2018 Cinema, Debate, Events, Аrt

“From the history of avant-garde cinema: Franciszka and Stefan Themerson”

Lecture of Paweł Polit

Kyiv | 17 March | National Art Museum of Ukraine | Hrushevskoho st., 6 | Beginning at 4:00 PM | For admission to the event you will need a ticket to the museum | Registration is mandatory

Franciszka and Stefan Themerson are the artists who proposed a unique formula of an experimental film in the 1930s. Their work was aimed at development of the means of enrichment of sentient experience and activation of intellectual faculties of the audience. They implemented this program as part of the search of an intermedial character that studies the relation between creative concepts formulated by means of photos, drawings, paintings, literary texts.

A film was the model and the constant reference point for these practices. Themersons perceived the film as a medium that allows various procedures of image creation and can stimulate processes of imagination. By combining the poetics of photomontage with the lyrical dimension of a film frame, Themersons anticipated by decades the experiences of artists who create the new media.

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