22.05.2019 Events, Literature, Music Kyiv | Art Arsenal | Lavrska st., 12 | Beginning at 20:00

“rozdIlovI” project 🗺

Оpening of the Book Arsenal

On the opening day of the Book Arsenal the ArtPole Agency will present the “rozdIlovI” project (The Signs Among Us) in which literature, music, and visual images interact. All three components are evolving in real time while the project participants stay on the stage. Currently rozdIlovI unites not just three art disciplines but also three neighbouring countries of the project participants, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland. This resonates with this year’s Book Arsenal theme, “Neighbourhood”.

Permanent participants of the project are director Olia Mykhailiuk (Kyiv), poet Serhiy Zhadan (Kharkiv) and composer Alexey Vorsoba (Minsk). Currently the project has new participants: musician Tomasz Sikora (Wrocław) and VJ Serhii Piliavets (Ivano-Frankivsk).

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Kyiv | Art Arsenal | Lavrska st., 12 | Beginning at 20:00 Map


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