15.05.2020 Theatre

‘Pieces of a Woman’ by TR Warszawa

‘Pieces of a Woman’ [Czastki kobiety], a creation of Hungarian artists Kornél Mundruczó & Kata Wéber, performed by the Polish ensemble @TRWarszawa, was meant to be presented during KunstenFestivalDesArts in Brussels. Unfortunately, due to COVID pandemics, this year’s edition of the festival has been canceled.

Hoping that you will be able to see this outstanding piece soon (or that you have seen it already via Stay home, don’t leave the theatre! initiative of TRWarszawa), we would like to warmly invite you to discover two essays explaining why this play is so representative of the contemporary Polish theater. 

Jonas Vanderschueren, “De fijne lijn tussen traditie en experiment” [The fine line between tradition and experimentation], in E-tcetera, #160, may 19th, 2020.  
Zofia Smolarska, “Over twee realismen in het hedendaagse Poolse theater” [About Two Realisms in Contemporary Polish Theatre], in E-tcetera, #160, may 18th, 2020.  

About ‘Pieces of a Woman’
A spectacle for all who were born!

Feminist, driven by the strength and determination of female characters, a family drama taking place in contemporary Warsaw. A family meeting, like a lens, brings together problems and internal conflicts of Polish society. The central figure of the play is thirty-year-old Maja, who faces a personal tragedy. In order to come out of her life’s turn, she has to question her whole life and build a new relationship with her loved ones. “Cząstki kobiety” is a moving image of contemporary women fighting for the right to decide about their own lives. Director Kornél Mundruczó and screenwriter Kata Wéber emphatically portray each of the expressive characters without judging or criticizing anyone at the family table. The performance, which uses cinematic means of expression, captures the intimate narration, realism of detail, and sensitivity of the actors’ creations. “Cząstki kobiety” is the second one after “Nietoperz” [The Bat], (Premiere 2012, produced by TR Warszawa) with Kornél Mundruczó’s performance in Poland; both performances have been appreciated by Polish and international audience.
Realization/production: TR Warszawa. 

Director: Kornél Mundruczó

Writing: Kata Wéber

First world performance: 18th of December 2018, TR Warszawa

Duration: 2h15min

Cast: Dobromir Dymecki, Monika Frajczyk, Magdalena Kuta, Sebastian Pawlak, Marta Ścisłowicz, Justyna Wasilewska, Agnieszka Żulewska.
© Photographs: Natalia Kabanow
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